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In 2008, Willie Allen saw the need to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of his own racing shocks, leading him to learn how to build and revalve them. When friends and competetors starting asking him to help with thier shocks, WAR Shocks was born.

Our Story

The W.A.R. acronym is only fitting for Willie Allen who is a proven competitor, a proven leader, and a proven winner!


Settling or contentment is not in Allen's vocabulary. Since winning the 2007 NASCAR Camping World (then Craftsman) Truck Series Rookie-of-the-Year honors, the Bon Aqua, TN racer hasn't sat still. He is constantly looking for ways to be better, period.


In 2008, fueled by the desire to improve, Willie and his wife, Kristen, opened W.A.R. Shocks, a Tennessee-based company specializing in custom-built and maintained professional racing shocks. W.A.R. Shocks has become synonymous with superior performance and is a business that has been built on hard work, dedication, and integrity. Allen, a proven shock and suspension specialist, has never lost sight of where he came from and has always been eager to share the winning edge with his customers and clients!


If you want to win your next battle…W.A.R. Shocks is the answer!

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